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Whether you want to come to one of our testing facilities or you want us to come out to you, we are always happy to give demonstrations on Fiber Film. We will show you how we can reduce the weight of film you use dramatically whilst increasing the stability of your pallets and decreasing your costs.

We currently have 3 locations in the UK where we can provide demonstrations, Wakefield, Bedford and Belfast. If you would like to come to us, please select the location that suits you best on the form below, alternatively fill in your address and we will happily come to you.

All of our tests are carried out on new Robopac machines. If you come to us we will also provide you with a comparison against your current wrapping methods, manual wrapping or machine wrapping vs Fiber Film on these Robopac machines and provide you with some ROI info should you wish to upgrade your warehousing operations with one of these machines.